Are you looking for a professional British English voiceover? I can help.

Check out my demo reels below to hear if my voice matches your needs.
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About Melanie

Stemacteren Certified
Born and raised in London, now living in the Netherlands.

I have a communication & theatre background. I passed Bronze, Silver & Gold acting medals at the London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art (LAMDA), in addition to stage technique from The New Era Academy of Drama & Music.

As you would expect I have my own recording facilities and can react quickly to your requests.

Are you unsure if your copy is hitting the right note? I can advise you on any possible improvements to ensure you get the most out of your production.


The following demos will give an impression. Listen online or download the file(s) to save them on your own PC and/or attach in an email message.




Total (commercial, documentary and narrative)


Video production
Corporate film
depending on length of text, from
250-500 words |  € 225,-
500-1.000 words | € 325,-
1.000-1.500 words | € 400,-

175 up to 250 words
depending on length of text, from
500-1.000 words |  € 300,-
1.000-1.500 words | € 375,-
1.500-2.000 words | € 450,-
200 up to 500 words
Radio commercial
National:  € 400,-
150 local
TV commercial
National: € 550,-
250 local
Web commercial
Voice response
200 - 500 words | € 200,-
500- 1.000 words | € 275,-
1.000- 1.500 words | € 350,-
150 up to 200 words
All prices exclude VAT and include a 1-year buy-out. An extra year buy-out is possible at 50% of the original rate. Material is recorded in my own studio and sent without any post-production processing. Recording on location at another studio is possible at a charge of 0.19 per km.